Email me at to add more trails in the area. 
  • Buzzards Marathon Course - the Buzzards course, as it has become known as, is a dream for trail and ultra runners.  Combining the HST (see below), the A.T. (see below), the Stony Creek Rail Trail and many side trails, this "course" boasts hills, rocks, flats, wildlife, views, creeks, and best of all hours of fun.  See Buzzard's A.C. Marathon for more info and turn by turn directions of the course in case you want to go it alone.  Also see Mapmyrun  for map of full Buzzard Course.   


  • Horse Shoe Trail - the Horse Shoe Trail begins in northern Dauphin County connecting to the Appalachian Trail and continues on for 140 miles to Valley Forge National park. 


  • Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area - located in northern Dauphin County off of Rt 225, Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area contains a veriety of trail types including the Victoria Trail and Appalachian Trail. 


  • Boyd's Big Tree Preserve - located north of Harrisburg on Rt 443 Fishing Creek Valley Rd, Boyd's Big Tree Preserve boasts of beautiful tall trees, wildlife and 10+ miles of trails of various terrain.  There are enough hills to put together a nice hill repeat run or a couple of loops around the outskirts for a 2 hour run. 


  • Swatara State Park - located between Lebanon and Schuykill Counties, Swatara State Park contains sinle track and rail trail. 


  • Wildwood Lake - There is a 3.1 mile loop around the lake and side trails (single track).  Wildwood Lake is nice for short runs and less technical runs. 


  • The Green Belt - this "pathway" wraps around the city of Harrisburg and contains paved path, road, trail, and even parking lot.  The Capital Area Green Belt is approximately 19 miles around the city and a little out and back section on the grounds of the Hbg state hospital.


  • Appalachian Trail - see websites Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Your A.T. Community.  There is a cool video called the "Green Tunnel" on the A.T. Community site (scroll down on home page).
  • Access points for the A.T. - There are numerous places to access this trail as it dissects PA.  See Appalachian Trail Parking for info on places to park.  E-mail me at if you need more info on accessing the A.T.
    The section of the A.T. that traverses south central PA is divded into rocky ascents/descents and a long stretch of flat trail through the Cumberland Valley. 
  • Darlington Trail - see this website for info on this trail Darlington Trail
  • The Darlington is a side trail that connects to the A.T. on top of Blue Mountain and runs 7+ miles to Tower Road.  There are two main access points/parking areas.  One is the top of Blue Mountain on Lambs Gap Road and the other is on top of Blue Mountain on Miller's Gap Road.  The Darlington is rocky in some sections and fairly clear in other areas.  Because of it's access to the Appalachian and the Tuscarora trails, it is a nice start to out and back with indefinite mileage possible.  There are also other unnamed side trails off of Darlington to add to the fun.  Be aware this is in State Game Lands (#170) if you do decide to run in hunting months.
  • Tuscarora Trail - the Tuscarora Trail intersects with the A.T. and the Darlington Trail at the top of Blue Mtn. and travels west then south and into Maryland.  The only access point/parking area I know of in the area is at Colonel Denning State park where the Tuscarora passes through.  If you have more info and/or have run parts of this trail, you can email me at
  • Flat Rock Trail - this 2.5 mile trail, located in Colonel Denning State Park, climbs to a beautiful vista overlooking the Cumberland Valley.  Combined with other trails, including the Tuscarora, it is possible to get a run/hike of 10-20 miles. 


  • King's Gap - located in southwest Cumberland County, King's Gap contains 16 miles of trails.  There is a nice vista at the top of the Cumberland Valley.  The Buck Ridge Trail is a 6 mile trail that connects King's Gap with Pine Grove Furnace. 


  • Pine Grove Furnace State Park - located in southwest Cumberland County, Pine Grove Furnace contains a few shorter trails that connect to longer trails such as the A.T. and the Buck Ridge Trail for hours of running enjoyment.  The park contains some beautiful vistas including Pole Steeple.


  • Caledonia State Park - located in Franklin County just over the line from Cumberland County, Caledonia State Park contains 10+ miles of trails as well as the A.T. running through the park. 


  • Gifford Pinchot Park - located in York County, Pinchot Park contains many side trails with a variety of terrain (no significant ascents or descents).  Runners can get beautiful views of the lake as the trails follow around the entirety of the lake.  It is possible to get 3+ hours of running if some trails are completed more than once.  The Mason Dixon Trail runs through the park and exits on both ends of the lake. 


  • Mason Dixon Trail - this trail starts in Cumberland County and travels 193 miles through MD, DE and then back into PA where it ends at Chadds Ford, PA.  The Mason Dixon travels through Pinchot Park and travels east toward the Susquehanna River and then travels south.  There are beautiful vistas located along the Susquehanna River section. 


  • Rocky Ridge Park - located in central York County, Rocky Ridge contains 12+ miles of trails. The trails offer a variety of running including rocks, ascents/descents and some level trails.  There are numerous trails so 3+ hours of running is possible without duplicating too many trails. 


  • Conestoga Trail - located in  Lancaster County, the Conestoga Trail passes through the county and eventually meets up with and follows the Susquehanna River and offers 10-12 miles of technical and beautiful single track trail.  This trail can be connected to the Mason Dixon via the Norman Wood Bridge across the Susquehanna River.  The Conestoga also connects with the Horse Shoe Trail north of Lancaster City.



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